• An odd sock story

An odd sock story


The lives of socks, Malcolm and Petunia became a story that took over Elvira, Rose and Jan’s imaginations for almost two years before this tale became something that the whole world could discover. All three come from different backgrounds but they joined forces to create the world these characters exist in. Sockland took on a life of it’s own and it became easy to imagine the life these ‘lost’ socks would live. From living in shoes, to traveling on skateboards, the two authors and illustrator came to know and love these socks



To maximise brand awareness and support publication sales, we were approached to look at their online presence. We were asked to use the branding and artwork from the illustrations and implement these on a website to support the publication.


We set about designing a responsive website which would be attractive and user friendly for adults and children alike, making use of consistent colour themes throughout and presenting the information in an accessible manner. We worked closely with the publication illustrator on this project.

Date: May 19, 2016

Category: WEB DESIGN